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Rent A Rack Calendar Bookings


April Racks will be open for booking on Friday 1 March 

Choose your dates via our online booking system!

Bookings can be made for the current and following month for any available rack.

  • Reserve a rack and select your selling period start date. Minimum 1 week and maximum 2 weeks.
  • A standard rack can fit maximum 40 items at the time. Including maximum of 5 accessories such as shoes, bags, sunglasses, hats. 
  • As the items sell, you can replenish your rack during your rental period.
  • You can share a rack with a friend.
  • Hangers and price tags will be provided and we do the selling.
  • Tell your friends! Post about your rack on social media! Be sure to include your rack number and tag us @regeneratefashion_nz The more people know about your rack the more sales you will make.
  • Track the success of your sales via our seller portal.
  • Collect any remaining items at the end of your rental period.